[postgis-devel] Exporting a PostGIS raster using psql ?

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Wed Feb 1 04:50:48 PST 2012

Has anyone tried exporting a postgis raster as an image
using psql only ? I'm having an hard time getting anything
like a binary file.

Tried both with COPY WITH BINARY and a binary cursor.

COPY WITH BINARY is the closest (contains something) but
it isn't recognized as a tiff or png (as I requested).

Here's what I did:

 alter table chenyx06a add tif bytea;
 update chenyx06a set tif = ST_AsTiff(rast);
 COPY chenyx06a(tif) TO '/tmp/out.tif' WITH binary;

I also trimmed the initial PGCOPY string from output, but 
still isn't a tif. Ideas ?


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