[postgis-devel] case statement to cath nulls on joined tables

John Morgan jdmorgan at unca.edu
Thu Feb 2 18:25:13 PST 2012


I am doing a left outer join between a polygon table and a data table.
returns fine from this join as expected.  However, there are cases where
there isn’t data for a given polygon and this return as the expected null
in the result set.  I would like to utilize something like a case statement
to catch the nulls and return a “more friendly” message.  I have tried
unsuccessfully to use the following logic:

*Select case value_of_interest null then ‘more friendly message’ else
value_of_interest end*

*From poly_table left outer join data_table one poly_table.common_id =

If someone could let me know where I am going wrong it would be greatly


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