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#1598: Use consistent UNIX line endings
 Reporter:  mwtoews     |       Owner:  chodgson     
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 Priority:  medium      |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
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 According to DevWikiComitGuidelines:
 > All source code in SVN should be in Unix text format as opposed to DOS
 text mode

 I've found a significant list of DOS files in the SVN tree. This can be
 slightly problematic; take a look at "invalid_srid-2.0.patch" in #1596,
 which was a patch created on a UNIX system from a DOS file. The resulting
 patch file has mixed line endings, which can cause grief for the patch

 Examples of DOS files:

 Of course, BAT files should probably be left alone:

 Another type of line ending error (according to some) are text files
 without a newline character at the end. These files lack consistency, and
 appear truncated. Possible consequences include a gcc warning: "No newline
 at end of file".

 Examples of files without newlines at the end:

 Possible exceptions are one-line text files, like Esri's .prj file (but
 there's none in the source tree).

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