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Mon Feb 27 06:59:17 PST 2012

#1619: Extensions mark user editable objects
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 Priority:  blocker                |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
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 Putting this in before I forget.  Right now none of the tables in the
 postgis and postgis_topology extensions are marked as user editable.

 What does this mean.  It means they don't get backed up which is bad.

 We need to do this before release.  I assume the following need to be
 marked as user editable. When marked as such just the data is backed up
 (not the structure).




 Any others anyone can think of?  I was hoping we could add a bit to
 spatial_ref_sys that says user defined or something because extensions
 does give you the provision of only backing up entries that fit a certain
 condition.  Which means if a person does a hard upgrade, they'll get all
 our corrected entries when they restore and their custom ones and for
 minor upgrades we can delete all records not marked as user defined and
 reinsert all of ours.

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