[postgis-devel] Win32 Adventures

Paul Ramsey pramsey at opengeo.org
Mon Feb 27 08:37:57 PST 2012

Regarding this comment from the ticket,

I think personally a better idea based upon your email would be for
OSGEO to host a set of pre-built Windows DLLs and library headers so
that people can quickly grab a tarball/zip file to get involved with
development. It should be fairly easy to build everything consistently
on mingw, and then everything would "just work".

I agree, and was planning to upload my binary bundle of stuff, but if
there is a working pure mingw build perhaps that would be a better
thing to upload, assuming everything dynamically links and so on (it
feels like mingw is often biasing towards statically linking things,
or not creating DLLs at all, at least that's what I've been
experiencing, having to hand-create DLLs with a2dll after build).

Anyways, yes, a downloadable SDK would help everyone a great deal, I
imagine, and I'm sure we can put it on osgeo download site if we have


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