[postgis-devel] 2.0 Beta Looms: Feature Freeze, for Reelz

Paul Ramsey pramsey at opengeo.org
Tue Feb 28 10:53:47 PST 2012

Now that we have a working Windows regression and confirm that in fact
our Windows support is good, it's time to move from alpha release to
beta. That means a real feature freeze, no backsies. Unless i hear
otherwise in the next 24 hours, I'm going to cut the next tarball
release on Wednesday at 2.0.0beta1.
Raster folks, this particularly pertains to you, as you have open
enhancements and the largest number of tickets
<http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/report/22>: we need all tickets closed
or punted forward before we can release 2.0.0 final.

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