[postgis-devel] External Doc Deps

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Nov 20 20:53:48 PST 2012

Hmm -- she has docbook installed so she shouldn't need to pull it.  Winnie
has docbook installed as well.  It was just the mathml part I couldn't
figure out how to install.

I'll check on her.  Might just need to restart the jenkins service.  I think
I've seen some other peculiar stuff suggesting memory leak in jenkins.

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Builds are still transiently failing due to external DTDs, I think.
Without MML things are better, but we still have this one:

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN"

I think debbie is currently failing because she can't get to it (could be

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