[postgis-devel] linkage against libpq.so

Jeff Janes jeff.janes at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 19:42:42 PDT 2012

Dear postgis-devel list,

I hope this is the right forum for continuing the discussion of this
ticket: http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/ticket/1830

I find myself in the same boat as the originator of that ticket.
Regression tests are failing because pgsql2shp is linking against an
ancient version of libpq.

I agree with the WONTFIX on the proposed fix, of detecting the version
and then changing behavior.  Not supporting linking against an ancient
libpq seems reasonable.

What I don't understand is why it is linking against an ancient libpq
in the first place.  There is a perfectly modern libpq on my system,
and it is located right where pg_config says it is.  So why isn't that
one getting preferentially used?  postgis seems to be using pg_config
to pick up other configuration settings, just not this one.

I poked around in the Makefiles, but I can't figure it out.



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