[postgis-devel] pgRouting Windows campaign

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Oct 8 21:35:16 PDT 2012

We've started a new campaign and hoping it will be as successful as our last
windows 64-bit campaign.

This campaign is to package pgRouting as part of the Windows PostGIS
stackbuilder package.  First we have to work out some kinks with compiling
which will take some time to work out.

If you want to pledge some money for the effort, signup here:


Our hope is to work out the final kinks if any before the Boston OSGEO code
sprint. Ideally we'd like it to be all working before then.

Speaking of which, if you want to be a sponsor for the code sprint, drop us
a line offlist on that.


We've already got 5 sponsors for the upcoming code sprint and looking for
more to pay for some of expenses of sprinters :)

Leo and Regina

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