[postgis-devel] [PostGIS] #2050: Unable to add constraint: 'extent'. Skipping

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Wed Oct 17 07:15:14 PDT 2012

#2050: Unable to add constraint: 'extent'.  Skipping
 Reporter:  mgm1701  |       Owner:  pracine      
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium   |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.2
Component:  raster   |     Version:  2.0.x        
 Keywords:           |  

Comment(by dustymugs):

 After looking at your sql file, you're using partitions.  So, I'm going to
 assume many inherited tables, each holding many rows.  It that situation,
 you'll more than likely run out of memory.  ST_Collect tries to be fast,
 which means it tries to cache input geometries until the end.  I'll add a
 fallback approach using ST_MemUnion, which does not caching but is orders
 of magnitude slower.

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