[postgis-devel] Vote: PAGC address standardizer in extras

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sat Apr 6 21:36:57 PDT 2013

I would like at some point (soon) fork the standardizer part of pagc and
include in extras/pagc_standardizer folder of PostGIS to make it easier to
install as part of the PostGIS build.

I'd like a vote on this (PSC, developers, and general users)

As discussed here


As some folks have noticed, I've been working on changing the tiger geocoder
to use an alternative address standardizer which is part of the PAGC library
(MIT Licensed).
This unfortunately will require additional library compile in C, but the way
I have it structured, this piece is not mandatory to use the tiger geocoder

The logic to use as a drop in replacement is there but not documented since
still working out some kinks.

Steve Woodbridge broke out just the standardizer part as a postgresql
extension and was discussed 
On postgis-users discussion a while back


The purpose is:

The PAGC does generally a better job of standardizing than the built in
tiger geocoder one so will resolve many of complaints people have had

2) Provide a standardizer separate from tiger geocoder that we can reuse for
other PostGIS based geocoders

As such the standardizer will be documented in PostGIS documentation
describing how to build and enable in tiger geocoder
And how to use it separate from tiger geocoder.

3) Should be generally faster too once  we work out some issues on how its
called and its ability to cache the C built standardizer object.

Thoughts, concerns


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