[postgis-devel] New RASTER/GEOMETRY Datatype RAY?

Nathaniel Hunter Clay clay.nathaniel at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 03:30:10 PST 2013

HI all,

I 've been thinking on implementing a  visibility, radio power and 
radiation patterns functions that would use an ray type input/output. Do 
you think that its a good idea or have objections to add a special data 
type? I know that radio power and radiation pattern functions would most 
likely be of little interest, however visibility of course would most 
likely be of interest.  Any input of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

     origin point;
     end point;
     samples float8[];
     nsamples integer;
     distance float8;
     theta float8[]; // 0 at east, 0 down


Nathaniel Hunter Clay

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