[postgis-devel] Tiny WKB

=?utf-8?Q?Nicklas_Av=E9n?= nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Wed Mar 6 03:12:25 PST 2013

>Considering binary processing on Web client for smaller transfer size?
>Go for reconfigure your sever for gzip support.
>Just sharing my observations, not arguing with the idea.

I really need some arguing about the idea, since I ought to sleep at nights instead of doing things like this. So reinventing the wheel is just stupid if I do.

About parsing binary data on client side I think it seems to work very well. I guess it is some cost to parse json to renderable coordinates too?

I also think development will give browsers that is more and more acpable of things like this in the future. I don't know much javascript either, but the development of javascript engines in the browsers seems to be very rapid (maybe not iexplorer, I don't know)


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