[postgis-devel] Export from schema with pgsql2shp broken forWindows 64?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Mar 13 03:24:37 PDT 2013


Must have been because it was my birthday I missed that one. :)

I've ticketed the issue and confirmed it is an issue still in 2.0.3


We had a similar issue with shp2pgsql (which affected 32-bit as well), and I
suspect the fix might be the similar. 
It's really the schema parsing that is screwed up not what specific schema.
So if you have a schema in your search path and don't specify the schema in
output it seems to work fine.



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Did anyone ever follow up on this, I don't see any open bugs for it and I am
getting the same behavior in my 64-bit Windows install now. 
Pgsql2shp.exe (release 2.0.1 (r9979)) says the table doesn't exist but if I
run "\d <schema>.<Tablename>" it lists in a psql window just fine.

Exporting a table in the public schema works just fine.

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