[postgis-devel] License conflict between PostGIS core and raster

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Oct 21 17:09:34 PDT 2013

+1 for me too.  I'd like all raster contributors to agree to this change so
we can move on.
So people that come to mind + PSC folks and I'm sure I'm missing some people
so if you think you should be counted, vote.
Pierre, Sandro, Jorge Arevalo, Mateusz Loskot, Azavea folks (David Zwarg in
particular), Paul Ramsey


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Subject: [postgis-devel] License conflict between PostGIS core and raster

It has come to my attention that the license of the raster component is
GPL3+ while PostGIS core is GPL2 only. The licenses are not compatible and
as a contributor to the raster component, I'd like to see the removal of
this conflict. 

As for my opinion (for what it's worth), I'd like to see the raster
component be relicensed to GPL2+ for 2.0, 2.1 and -trunk.

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