[postgis-devel] Controlling socket path for make check

Karl-Philipp Richter krichter722 at aol.de
Thu Apr 10 18:48:01 PDT 2014

Hi together,
I'm pretty new to PostGIS and find it difficult to understand how to
control the socket path for make check. Currently I'm trying to run make
check for git tag 2.1.2. The installation guide at
http://postgis.net/docs/postgis_installation.html gives information
about how to change binaries and port to be used for the test, but the
socket defaults to /var/run/... on Ubtunu 13.10 which I can't access
without root privileges. I guess it's possible to test without such!?
I'd like to set the socket directory to /tmp or $HOME/tmp or something
similar. How can I proceed and test without privileges?

All the best,
Kalle Richter

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