[postgis-devel] PostgreSQL Day

David Haynes II dahaynes at umn.edu
Thu Jul 31 07:11:41 PDT 2014

I am a geospatial researcher working on a project called Terra Populous (
www.terrapop.org). The project is using PostgreSQL and PostGIS as our
platform for performing a wide range of spatial analyses. The Terra Pop
project is unique in that we allow researchers to extract, combine,
calculate, and transform any of the data within our system into three
different data types:
● Microdata: Data about individual persons. Examples include age, sex, or
level of education.
● Areal: Data representing a given geographic area. Examples include median
income and % of population with college degree. Example geographic areas
include state, county and census tract.
● Raster: Data divided into cells (i.e. bitmap). Often derived from
satellite imagery. Examples would include corn yield in bushels, % tree
cover or categorical data such as terrain type.

Currently we are encountering challenges conducting spatial functions in a
timely manner. I have attached a document which goes into more detail about
the specific challenges we are encountering. We are currently exploring
implementing Postgresql-XL a clustered version of Postgresql which supports
the PostGIS extension. Specifically, I am considering attending the FOSS4G
conference or specifically the PostgreSQL Day this September in Portland,
Oregon. Are other developers attending the PostgreSQL Day or the FOSS4G
conference and would this be worth my time. It would be most beneficial to
have some one on one consultation time for this project? Also would the
Code Spring be worth attending?

David Haynes, Ph.D.
Research Associate Terra Populous
Minnesota Population Center
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