[postgis-devel] Mysteries of PostGIS .jar

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Sun Jun 22 21:08:23 PDT 2014

To PostGIS Java maintainers/users :

  The OSGeo-Live [1] is in alpha for version 8.0. We have not only featured PostGIS from the inception of the disk, but also provide common sample databases for applications to refer to in Documentation and Quickstart Examples [2]. To date, however, no project on the disk has used the PostGIS java interfaces (to my knowledge). 

  *if* the PostGIS .jar as supllied by current repositories, is in shape to be relied upon, an example or text README specific to the PostGIS .jar would be welcome. 

  In any case, please consider a visit the OSGeo-Live project, by mailing list or IRC [3] to comment on this outstanding ticket:



[1]  http://live.osgeo.org

[2]  http://live.osgeo.org/en/overview/overview.html
[3]  freenode IRC  #osgeolive    http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/live-demo

  thanks very much and here's to yet another excellent OSGeo-Live release, for FOSS4G-NA 2014
  best regards from Berkeley, California

Brian M Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter

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