[postgis-devel] Call for advice about sql-signature for twkb functions

Nicklas Avén nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Fri Sep 26 11:42:33 PDT 2014


I would like some advice before I mess up things too much.

It is about the twkb-functions ST_AsTWKB and ST_AsTWKBagg

To run the functions 2 parameters is needed
1) the geometry (geometry)
2) number of decimals to store (Integer)

Then there has been one optional parameter all the time
3) id, An ID to store in the geometry (Long Integer)

And some weeks ago I added another option
4) Sizes, to store the size of the twkb geometry in bytes to be able to
scan the dataset fast (true/false)

And now I have code for optional bounding boxes.

5) bounding boxes (true/false)

So my question is
1) What is the cleanest design with many optional parameters
2) What do I need to do since everybody with trunk code already have a
set of sql-functions so I don't mess things up in your databases. It is
some place to put code that deletes earlier functions right?

I have also put some code for testing twkb-files locally through File
API in the browser. I think it only works in Chrome in the state it is
But I have tested with 500 mb twkb-file (about 5 gGB in PostGIS) and it
works quite good.
But the spatial index is not in any persistant storage so it have to be
recreated every time. 



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