[postgis-devel] shp2pgsql

David Haynes II dahaynes at umn.edu
Wed Feb 18 07:21:38 PST 2015


I am working on a project that conducts high performance spatial analysis
using postgresql and PostGIS. We have been searching for platforms that
allow PostGIS to run in parallel. We have evaluated Postgres-xc and
postgres-xl and determined that they do not meet our use case. Currently, I
am evaluating CitusDB, but there seem to be some obstacles there as well.
However, we are working on developing our own platform using Stado, which
is dervied from GridSQL.

We have had some initial results that look pretty promising and we are
looking to modify the source code of the shp2pgsql to work with our new
platform. If someone could provide the location of the code we would
greatly appreciate it. Currently we are creating are geometries using the
ST_GeomFromTxt function.

David Haynes, Ph.D.
Research Associate Terra Populus
Minnesota Population Center
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