[postgis-devel] Status of X3D

Tom van Tilburg tom.van.tilburg at gmail.com
Fri May 1 00:44:08 PDT 2015

I'm using it solely to work with X3Dom, and that works very nice but I 
had troubles getting it from x3dom to other viewers. For sure there's 
some problem with capitalization is well there.

For a working example of the output:

It's based on a combination of pgpointcloud and 2D vectordata where the 
3D result is extracted purely by using SQL.
Query is hypercomplex (and slightly dirty), I can sent on request.

@Regina: for the 2.2 release would be amazing! Looking forward :)


On 30-4-2015 23:44, Rémi Cura wrote:
> Hey,
> I recently had a lot of trouble with x3D.
> I couldn't use it with several geom in one file ( N Multipolygon in 
> one x3d),
> and a classic viewer (like MeshLab or CloudCompare in my case).
> I resorted to use .PLY files, for which I feel shameful.
> Any real world example (more complex than the PostGIS doc, and 
> outputting real x3D files)?
> Cheers,
> Rémi-C

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