[postgis-devel] watching/accepting github pull requests

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Mon May 18 01:46:05 PDT 2015

I'm not sure if you get notifications on github pull requests filed
(I didn't, some time ago) but there are 9 of them still pending
(4 of which from 2015).

See here: https://github.com/postgis/postgis/pulls
You can click on the "Watch" button at the top of the page to receive
notifications when new ones are filed.

I tried assigning some to the right person, but I'm not even sure the
assignee gets notified. So for example, this trivial one about documenting
sfcgal flags for configure script:


was filed on Dec 2013, I've assigned to Regina on Dec 2014 and is
still open.

Accepting github contributions is easy, even if we CAN NOT use the
"Merge pull request" button. Instead if you click on the "command line"
instructions ("You can also merge branches on the command line" message
at the bottom of the ticket) you find links to the patch, which is as
the link to the PR but with .patch appended:


More ways exist which can get useful or confusing depending on your
knowledge of git. I take the chance to signal a neat one which makes
any pull request listed as a remote branch:


To conclude, please make sure you watch the github PR stream and possibly
try to accept the community contributions so to keep it alive :)

Thank you !


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