[postgis-devel] A letter to the Postgis Developers and Packagers

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 5 05:48:17 PST 2016

On 18-10-15 20:52, Andrea Peri wrote:
> The new topological library of Tuscany Region will be deposited on a
> distinct GIT repository, with an open license similar to that of
> liblwgeom and of course we will be pleased and honored if in the future,
> when it will be more robust and reliable, the Community of PostGIS
> Developers and Packagers will decide to link it as a shared library for the
> topological component functions.

Is there any news on the new topological library?

I'd like to drop the liblwgeom dependency from the spatialite Debian
package, because it introduces a circular dependency that is
complicating updates of GEOS, GDAL and related packages [0].

The circular dependency is currently preventing rebuilds with GDAL
1.11.4, making us unable to prepare the upgrade from 1.11.3.

I'm seriously considering dropping the liblwgeom dependency from
spatialite already to get rid of the circular dependency, but this will
introduce an ABI break which I'd like to avoid. Resolving this situation
will be painful either way, so we might as well get it over with now.

If the new topological library will be available soon, and spatialite is
updated to use it, the reduced functionality in spatialite will be a
short lived issue. If not, we'll just have to live with the reduced

[0] https://bugs.debian.org/808606

Kind Regards,


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