[postgis-devel] New --dumprestore switch for run_test.pl

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Tue Feb 9 09:21:25 PST 2016

I've committed support for --dumprestore switch to run_test.pl.
When given, the tester will perform a pg_dump and pg_restore cycle
right after spatially enabling the target database.

You can test it with something like:

 make check RUNTESTFLAGS=--dumprestore

Right now it fails for topology because the "search_path"
configuration is lost on dump/restore and some of the
topology tests do not fully-qualify calls.

My plan is to fix it and then have the bots add the test.

It could also go by default in "make check" but right now
we are running all the tests twice (one with --upgrade and
one without) and adding --dumprestore might need to run
it another two times to test all combinations. Suggestions
welcome to balance completeness of tests vs. speed.


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