[postgis-devel] Validity flag

Oliver Courtin olivier.courtin at oslandia.com
Mon Feb 29 08:48:03 PST 2016

>> - We don't have that much flags still available 
> Do you have a clear picture of how many flags we have
> now and how many are in use ? As there might already
> not be enough available for validity.

We have enough room, for validity on one byte (valid / unknown) 
But AFAIK no more.

> I don't see an informational flag as a sign of encouragement.

We have only few flags available.
And have to deal with (as before), or extend the geometry (implying a new major version).

So using a flag for a specific use case, is yes some kind of encouragement.
Because from dev point of view, we said:   this use case means.


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