[postgis-devel] 2.2.2 Release (?)

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Tue Mar 1 07:09:50 PST 2016

On Tue, Mar 01, 2016 at 09:50:52AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:

> But in thinking about this, the real benefit is to be able to make a
> distfile from trunk, or the head of some branch, to check it during the
> runup to a release.  So if the script could make a distfile from trunk
> or a branch, with read-only VCS access, that would get 85% of the value
> with perhaps only 10% of the work.

The current "make_dist.sh" script fetches either current "trunk"
(no args) or a named tag (one arg) from http://svn.osgeo.org/postgis.

So the only missing support is fetching the head of some (non-trunk)
branch, at the moment. Read-only access should be supported, could
you giv eit a try ?


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