[postgis-devel] pgxs cflags override

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Tue Oct 17 12:45:37 PDT 2017

So, I found today I couldn't debug into a portion of postgis, because it
was building w/o debugging flags. Which was odd, since I force -g into
everything at configure time, and use --debug everywhere.

The cflags in ./postgis are supposed to get inherited from pg_config of the
pgsql one is building againt, but I found an over-ride on them.

The attached patch fixes the problem, for me, (moving the include into the
"correct" pgxs variable and leaving the cflags un-overridden) but it's one
of those deep voodoo build things that makes we want to know: does anyone
remember why this is the way it is?

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