[postgis-devel] World Sinusoidal Projection in PostGIS

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 02:06:16 PST 2018

World sinusoidal is EPSG:54008 so I guess it's proj string [1] is already
inside the spatial_ref_sys table, which is where CRS definitions are
defined in PostGIS.

You can verify it doing:

SELECT * FROM spatial_ref_sys WHERE srid = 54008


[1] http://epsg.io/54008.proj4

Il 5 gen 2018 10:46 AM, "José María" <jmamuedo at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I spent several days searching info about how to use Worl Sinusoidal
> porjection in PostGIS. But I didn´t find any responses.
> I only found a possible codification (54008)  in ESRI, but I don´t know
> how to manage this projection in PostGIS.
> Any people can I help me with this discussion?
> Thanks.
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