[postgis-devel] GSoC - looking for co-mentor

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jan 17 09:38:16 PST 2018


Is this planned for pgAdmin4?  I had this ticketed as a future thing that would be nice to have.  


Also I think I had a ticket somewhere (though can't find it) of having an shp2pgsql plugin for pgAdmin4.  Since pgAdmin4 is web-based (python-based), shp2pgsql-gui is probably not suitable to piggy back on.
Might actually be possible to piggy-back on shp2pgsql CLI or use a python library like shapely.  This would be better anyway since most distros do not ship shp2pgsql aside from Windows PostGIS Bundle Stackbuilder (which I maintain) and BoundlessGeo.

Unfortunately I've overcommitted myself to other responsibilities, so can't take on helping with mentoring, aside from answering questions here and there.

If you haven't already, might be worthwhile to write to the pgAdmin4 support mailing list since anything created for that would need to be approved before it's committed.


Hope that helps,

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Dear PostGIS dev community

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Victoria Rautenbach a geoinformatics lecturer at the University of Pretoria in South Africa [1]. Over the last couple of months, I was involved with the Google Code-in and really enjoyed working with the school learners. Thus when the call for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) ideas is of interest to me [2].

This is email is to ask if there is anyone from the PostGIS dev community interested in co-mentoring a project for the GSoC with me?

My idea is for the student(s) to enhancing the query builder for PostgreSQL to better work with PostGIS functionality. This is more for non-geospatial user or beginner, for example, some students are used to working with query builders in other DBMSs and then when they try to use it with PostGIS commands, it does not really work. I think this would be helpful especially to introduce students or beginners to PostGIS. The idea is still rough and I am open to suggestions.


[1] http://www.up.ac.za/en/centre-for-geoinformation-science/article/2060495/victoria-rautenbach
[2] https://google.github.io/gsocguides/mentor/defining-a-project-ideas-list

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