[postgis-devel] PostGIS 3 thought experiment

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jan 17 10:47:04 PST 2018

> On 01/17/2018 06:44 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:
>> What else is on everyone's wish list?

> Remove the need for the version in the extension filename to ease database upgrades in distributions that ship only a single postgis version.

> It would be great to have pg_upgrade also work for postgis databases, the distribution upgrade experience for postgis users has always been somewhat disappointing.

> Kind Regards,

> Bas

Wow Bas, you were totally reading my mind. We must be on the same wave-length :).
Though I think we still need the Major version in there. So I proposed just getting rid of the minor.
In theory we only do Majors every 10 years and functions might be ripped out such that even with the same .so  (e.g. postgis.so), it might cause problems when PostgreSQL does its c func lib check during pg_upgrade.

I think for minor releases, we can at least agree to keep old C lib functions (exposed in SQL API) , and just stub them with an error code.
But keeping those for a while might dirty up our code base.


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