[postgis-devel] PSC Vote: PostGIS 3.0 alpha3 release this weekend?

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Jun 27 07:03:06 PDT 2019

How do people feel about a 3.0 alpha3 release in next couple of days.

We got a bunch of new things worthy of testing


1)      Yeh finally using PG12+ new CREATE OR REPLACE aggregate

2)      Bunch of fixes and speed improvements 

3)      FULL JOIN support (something I complained about over 12 years ago is
finally being addressed :) ) 



except for that annoying 32-bit failure on FreeBSD 32-bit and widnows 32-bit
(which I assume is a failure on all 32-bits) - would be nice to either
change the test or fix before alpha3 release

4)      New serialization infrastructure to pave the way for the future.





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