[postgis] How to use pgsql2shp

lr1234567 lr1234567 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 07:24:43 PST 2001

Is there a particular structure that pgsql2shp is expecting

When I try to use it on a table I created it generates the dbf fine, 
but can't generate the shp file

It states as an error, can not have multiple geometry types in a 
shape file.

It works fine on tables I generated using the shp2pgsql loader.

The way I created and populated the table I'm trying to dump out is 
as follows

create table remsactive ( PARCELID varchar(10), ADDRESS varchar, 
NEIGHBORHO varchar, USE varchar, TYPE varchar, STATUS varchar, 

select AddGeometryColumn

INSERT INTO remsactive(gid, parcelid, address, neighborho,use, type, 
status, lotarea, the_geom)
SELECT gid, parcelid, address,neighborhood, cuse, propertytype, 
status, sqfeet,the_geom
FROM vwavailableparcels;

the vwavailableparcels is a view I set up that joins a table of 
multipolygon geometries I loaded from a shape file with a non-
geometry table.

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