[postgis] How to Zoom out from an Extent and do a Query feature

Obe, Regina DND\MIS Regina.Obe.PFD at ci.boston.ma.us
Fri Dec 21 06:27:52 PST 2001

I want to thank you all again for the great support I've been given and I've
been really impressed with the speed and functionality I have achieved using
mapserver and postgis.

Below is my first app that uses postgis and Mapserver and there was one
change that I have been asked to do.  I'm not sure if it is easier to do in
the mapserver domain or Postgis.

I would like to generate a map view that is a 300 square radius around the
parcel that is being focused on or at least be able to zoom out from an
extent I give to mapserver


Right now what I am doing is using the postgis functions to list the nearby
available parcels below and the extent function to get an extent of the map
that contains the nearby parcels.

P.S. I apologize if it is a bit slow - the city hall's webserver is
sometimes a bit tempermental and also my SQL Server box is inside the
firewall (also since I was only allowed to have one port opened and not
allowed to install anything on the city's webserver I am querying the
Postgis server via my SQL Server box (using it as a linked server to SQL
Server). Surprisingly even in a linked server mode - the speed is pretty
decent and superfast in my intranet app.

The main page is
http://www.cityofboston.gov/dnd/REMSfind/FindProperty.asp  if you wanted to
try a search of other parcels

Also if you wanted to list this application as a sample app using
postgis/mapserver, we would be very honored.

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