[postgis] Re: [mapserver-users] PostGIS 0.5 Released

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sat Jul 21 17:45:38 PDT 2001

Deni Suwardhi wrote:
> Have you develop it with topological structure? 

Depends on what you mean by "topological" :) It more topologically rich
than the default spatial objects in PostgreSQL: polygons have holes,
aggregate geometries are supported, geometry collections are supports.
And of course there are functions like area and length and so on which
recognize that they are GIS objects that can support GIS-style
calculations. The OGC Simple Feature Spec is our roadmap for now.

As for more complex things, like coverages and other winged-edge
topologies, no we have not done anything with that kind of thing yet.
Which is not to say, however, that one could not whip up a coverage or
network model just using RDBMS capabilities and properly indexing the
data. What needs development, I think, are the kinds of functions to
automate the kinds of queries one usually makes on a coverage or network

My take, anyways. I'd be interested to know what others think...


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