[postgis] Upgrading Instructions

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sun Jul 29 10:34:17 PDT 2001

Note to Dave, since you're changing the canonical text format while
added SRIDS and precision grids:

  It is important that a dump of an older PostGIS database be always
uploadable into a newer PostGIS database, otherwise our users will rise
up and march upon us, carrying flaming brands and demanding retribution,
etc etc.

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> I have added upgrading instructions to the README, since we now have a
> user base which might actually be doing so. It is important to dump and
> restore your database after an upgrade because Dave is making no
> promises about not changing the underlying object structure between
> versions (in fact, he did so on Friday while working on the SRIDs and
> precision grids). The upgrade instructions are appended below. Note that
> the fundamental trick is to dump the tables/indexes only and not the
> functions -- a side effect of this is that if you have created any
> custom functions yourself for the database, they'll disappear in the
> upgrade process. Have your own 'functions.sql' file handy to keep your
> own custom functions across upgrades. We recognize that this is fairly
> inconvenient: in the case of object structure changes there is no way to
> avoid it. For more minor changes, when things stabilize in the future it
> might be possible to work up a postgis-upgrade.sql file to use on a
> running database (maybe).
> Upgrading PostGIS can be tricky, because the underlying C libraries
> which
> support the object types and geometries may have changed between
> versions.
> To avoid problems when upgrading, you will have to dump all the tables
> in your database, destroy the database, create a new one, upload the
> new postgis.sql file, then upload your database dump:
>         pg_dump -t "*" -f dumpfile.sql yourdatabase
>         dropdb yourdatabase
>         createdb yourdatabase
>         psql -f postgis.sql -d yourdatabase
>         psql -f dumpfile.sql -d yourdatabase
>         vacuumdb -z yourdatabase

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