[postgis] Mandrake install (about rpm release)

Adrian Custer acuster at nature.berkeley.edu
Sun Jul 29 15:02:47 PDT 2001

Hey everyone,

Postgis is pretty exciting; thanks for the work. PostGIS gotten me to
learn to use postgres and jdbc connectivity. I'm hoping to understand
those two then to pickup postgis and geotools to make a client. 

This posting is about building postgis in conjunction with the Mandrake
distribution of postgreSQL. Mandrake is an RPM distribution derived from
Red Hat's. I suggest that PostGIS do NOT try to release it's own rpms
because that would be distribution work rather than development. (It
would also require different rpm's for Red Hat and Mandrake.) Indeed
much better is to get to a vaguely stable point and become part of
PostgreSQL contrib as suggested earlier by, I believe, Frank.

In the meantime, I was hoping to install PostGIS under a Mandrake
distribution of PostgreSQL. You may not support this yet but I thought I
would lay out what is going on.

Under Mandrake, PostgreSQL comes as 14 rpm's. The main ones of interest
to this discussion are:

When those are all installed, the p...-devel... and p...-server... rpms
have populated the *.h files in /usr/include/pgsql/  and the
p...-contrib... rpm has installed the contrib directory in

I suspect that the tarball could be made to build in either the source
tree or from /usr/lib/pgsql/contrib/ but this will require searching for
include and other files needed in a few places. 

Could PostGIS be modified to build under this RPM scenario. If so, could
someone using a RedHat .rpm distribution of PostgreSQL see if RedHat
puts the files in a similar spot? Simiarly, do other distributions use
this file system hiearchy? 

I don't feel confident enough with rpm's or postgres to have mutliple
version installed on this machine so I'll wait to use postgis until
either it builds from the rpm distribution or it becomes part of
postgresql contrib. In the meantime, I'll keep learing jdbc and
geotools.(I'll discuss this in a separate mail.)


acuster at nature.berkeley.educational.

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