[postgis] License, cookies,

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Jun 7 03:01:23 PDT 2001

Jonathan Byron wrote:
> Just heard about PostGIS and am interested.  I couldn't find any information
> on the web site about the license that PostGIS is released under - public
> domain, GPL, LGPL, or other.

We decided to go GPL, for better or worse. Our hope is that if PostGIS
and PostGIS related tools become popular we can build our business on
services (we are primarily a GIS services company at this point anyways,
so it would not be a stretch). In the meantime, we are working on
PostGIS in the cracks between our paying projects.
> Also, I went to the Yahoogroups to browse the older posts, but it would not
> let me in. I am using the Konqueror web browser and Yahoo insisted on setting
> a cookie, something that ordinary prompts me so I can decide. After the first
> failure, I changed the browser settings to accept all cookies, but it still
> wouldn't set the cookie or let me in.  Anyone know how to fix this?

Hm, this is news to me. I have this list being sent to a storage box for
archival purposes: I will move web-based access to that archive higher
up my priority list.

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