[postgis] To Do List

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jun 11 15:11:06 PDT 2001

Paul Ramsey wrote:

> - Testing (DONE)
>   Results of bounding box query on indexed table of 1million records:
> returned so fast we cannot stopwatch it. 
> - gml() function and associated support type
> - wkb() function and associated support type
>   - testing of wkb() and binary cursors with libpq
> - documentation
>   - started moving structure over to docbook
> - type() functions to return polygon/polyline/point, etc
> - interface into the Minnesota mapserver


I haven't built postgis yet, but I would like to comment on a few of the 
TODO items. 

I have WKB parsing/building code in my OGR library (same code used to 
implement WKT and WKB functions in FME).  I don't know that it would make
sense to add the OGR code to postgis, or just to reimplement.  Handling WKB
isn't particularly hard. 

I think the gml() idea is good, though I don't have much to add. 

MapServer already can use "OGR datasources", which currently includes a 
quick hack on libpq for simple features style vectors in postgres.  I would
like to "catch up" the postgres driver in OGR to match the schema maintained
by postgis, so that MapServer can use this link to utilize postgis.  

It may make sense to use OGR as a basis for some postgis related utilities, 
and as a data loader/unloader for some applications. 

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