[postgis] Release 0.2

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Jun 19 20:38:20 PDT 2001

OK, after much blowing and wheezing I am pleased to toss PostGIS 0.2 out
to the winds. Dave has worked some serious magic. Here's the changelog:

- New functions
  - extent()
  - force_2d()
  - force_3d()
  - wkb_xdr()
  - wkb_ndr()
  - translate()
- Fixes
  - Cygwin compilation (Norman Vine, et al)
  - i386 byte alignment fixed
  - 'VACUUM ANALYZE' fixed
- Other
  - documentation in docbook xml
  - example program for WKB access
  - removed 'make test' until we can get regression
    working more cleanly

My favourites are the WKB and the fix for the i386 platform (kind of
important, that!). Moving the doco to docbook will hopefully be a good
long-term thing too. Still, sorry to say, I have not gotten the time to
setup CVS. By the end of the week, I promise.

Current ToDo list looks like this:

- Change function names to be OGC compliant (following the "Simple
  Specification for SQL")
- Add some more of the OGC spec functions
- Tie in to simple GIS clients
- Better libpq client example (fewer hardcoded parameters *cough*)
- GML import/export routines
- Document Java code better. Usage example better and perhaps client

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