[postgis] Development Roadmap

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Sep 12 12:47:19 PDT 2001

Hello folks. Dave and I have talked over our roadmap, and here is what
we see occuring over the next few versions. Things get sparser as we get
farther out, because we won't know the details and particular problems
until we get there. Happy GIS'ing.


- Bring Shape file loader up to snuff to match the new metadata
- Documentation
  - Using mapserver with postgis
  - Using the new metadata tables, implications
  - Include libpq example
  - Update all SQL examples to use AsText() etc
  - Include some ODBC info in FAQ
  - Review mailing list for potential FAQ questions
  - New installation directions
    - Note plpgsql requirement
  - Notes on enable_seqscan (not required anymore)
- Test wkb example with 0.6
- Research common SRIDs and provide examples


- Change compilation/installation to standalone, using autoconf
- Win32 administration client, possibly patches to pgadmin2
- Synchronize with PostgreSQL 7.2 and new GiST hooks
- Being preparation for JTS integration
  - Add support for precision grid
  - Prepare C++ object structure and test with pgsql objects


- Integration of JTS (C++TS) with postgis


- Bug fixing and testing of C++TS 


- Tested and certified by OGC as SQL Simple Features compliant

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     | Refractions Research
     | Email: pramsey at refractions.net
     | Phone: (250) 885-0632

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