[postgis] Development Roadmap

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Sep 20 09:02:48 PDT 2001

It sounds like you have big plans! Are these open source projects?

>     - A layout manager (html/php), allowing to choose which
> data will compose the map, and the graphic layout
> associated with the data (=> generation of a new mapFile) (NOT
> done)

DM Solutions should be releasing an opensource web-based Mapserver
configuration tool in the next couple months. You might want to wait and
see how that fits with your plans...

> As requested for PostGIS 0.6, we can also provide Spatial
> Reference Text (SRTEXT) for European projections and
> UTM zones:
>     UTM zone 5 to 60, North and South
>     WGS 84 Lat Long
>     Lambert conformal conic (french projection),
>     Swiss Projection on 1937 and 1903 datums
>     Gauss-Kruger zone 1 to 5 on Bessel and Krasovsky ellipsoids
> (german projections)

Thanks. SRTEXT will become more important now that we're putting the OGC
metadata into the database. Would a srtext.sql file of all the known
SRTEXT forms be useful to people? There is a file which has all the EPSG
projections in SRTEXT already, and we could add others as they become

> Regards, and congratulations for PostGIS extension !

Thanks, please keep us up-to-date w/ what you're doing.


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