[postgis] PostGIS 0.6 installation on Windows NT

Hisaji ONO ono96 at fa2.so-net.ne.jp
Tue Sep 25 08:13:27 PDT 2001

 Hi, Monsieur Ribbon.

 Currently I'm running PostgreSQL 7.1.3 with PostGIS 0.6.0 on Windows NT
Server Ver. 4.0 SP6a + security patches(CPU Pentium III 800MHZ, Memory

 In http://postgresql.nucba.ac.jp/related.html, two links of documents about
compiling sources of PostgreSQL 7.1.x and installing it on Windows2000 or

 I'll follow the instruction of latter one,
http://www.sevainc.com/PostgreSQL_running_on_NT.html on above site.

 Did you install Cygwin32 IPC package which is required for running
PostgreSQL on Cygwin?

 For compiling PostGIS 0.6, I've met following two problems.

 First, I must comment out two functions in postgis_debug.c.

 Second, for compiling new dumper, pgsql2shp.c, this Makefile couldn't find
specified path of libraries, which only exist in installed directory, not
exist in source directory.Probably I installed PostgreSQL binaries before
making PostGIS, so PostgreSQL's Makefile's intstall didn't remain them in
source directory. So I must directly specify path of libraries for compiling
this code.

 Hopefully this will help you.

> Hello,
> I'm trying to install PostGis 0.6 on Windows NT.
> I successfully installed PostGreSQL 7.1.1 with PostgreSQLServer.exe
> (I tried to install Cygwin and to configure PostGreSQL, but did not
> succeed. So I downloaded the exe and installed it. Then it worked: I can
> manage the DB with Zeos Database Explorer or phpPgAdmin)
> I would like to have some tips or examples to compile and run postGis on
> NT.
> Thanx a lot.
> Nicolas Ribot.

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