[postgis-users] Whats wrong with my query?

Thomas, Cord cthomas at rand.org
Tue Dec 17 11:36:47 PST 2002

your or clause's should be parenthetically set apart.

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Subject: [postgis-users] Whats wrong with my query?

  Hi all,

can somebody tell me what's wrong with my query?
SELECT pol.the_geom as pgeo,cc.the_geom as ccgeo
from polygons pol,CompleteChain
cc where pol.the_geom && GeometryFromText ('POINT(-161.893119
55.560754)',4326) or cc.the_geom && GeometryFromText
('POINT(-161.893119 55.560754)',4326);

When I do them seperately the first one (Polygon && Point) returns one 
row and the other (CompleteChain && Point) no row. But if I do the query 
above I'm running out of memory. I only want to know which BBox of 
Polygons overlaps the specified point and which BBox of CompleteChain 
overlaps that point?

Guido Staub

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