[postgis-users] Upgrade to 0.7.2 problems

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Sep 5 10:01:50 PDT 2002

Since install failure is a pretty bad bug to subject our new users to, I
have hastily dumped a 0.7.3 out as our latest release with this fix, the
transform() enhancement and the auto-detecting Makefile.
Haste makes waste, and Murphy is watching; I imagine there will be
something nasty in this one too.

Dave Blasby wrote:
> That was a typo I made fixing another bug - oops! The cvs version is
> fixed now.
> If you dont want to get the cvs version again, you can change line 767
> in postgis.sql.in so it says "= NULL" instead of "IS NULL".
> Sorry about that,
> dave

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