[postgis-users] PostGIS and Blobs

Rosangela Silva rosangela.silva at zenitpolar.com.br
Tue Apr 1 12:00:52 PST 2003


I have 1531 JPGs (500x500) to state of Sao Paulo for example.
I think that it'll be more pratice to handle this images in a database
with image_name, xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax, blob and create and
spatial index for this data (by box of image).

How can I manager many images files ?? And my vectors data
in the PostGIS??


If you are not managing the rasters, just displaying them, why not just 
store them as files?

Rosangela Silva wrote:
> Paul
> I only need raster like background.
> I have several jpeg+jpgw to be
> handle.
> -------------------------
> It's possible to use BLOBs to hold any data at all, raster included.
> Whether this is a "good idea" for you depends alot on what you are
> trying to do with your data. A possible simple image-holding table for
> postgis might be:
> orig_filename varchar,
> projection varchar,
> collected date,
> extents geometry,
> image blob

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