[postgis-users] Apology to Windows Users

Sam Paske spaske at kapur-assoc.com
Wed Apr 9 09:11:24 PDT 2003

As one of the "NUMEROUS users", I would like to mention that I have an
operative Cygwin/PostGIS/Mapserver setup running, all on Win2k machines. I'm
no *nix expert, never used Cygwin before, and had relatively little trouble
figuring it all out. I'd like to congratulate everyone who has been working
on PostGIS (and Mapserver, for that matter) on a fantastic platform. It's
truly exciting technology, especially because it is approachable by
non-experts like me.

Sam Paske, P.E.
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While this message is a testament to the PostGIS community's (and your)
dedication to quality and compatability, it makes me feel as though you may
be missing the forest because of the trees. For every question or difficulty
that arises, rest assured that there are NUMEROUS users out there who are
floored by the relative ease of installation and lack of confusion in such a
complex and robust system.

In short, as a Windows PostGIS user, let me say thanks, keep up the good
work, and don't forget to pat yourself on the back for the things that work
so well already.

Dave Lowther

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> I would like to apologize to the Windows/CygWin community.
> Our support
> of your platform has been somewhat lacking of late, largely through a
> lack of testing on our part. If we took the time to test on CygWin
> before releasing you would have a much better user experience and not
> have to do so many fiddles in order to get a compile and
> install. This
> is mostly my fault, and I apologize.
> At this time, I would also like to recognize the incredible
> service of
> Norman Vine in helping the CygWin community to continue to
> use PostGIS
> despite our many shortcomings.  The CygWin community in general has
> also been helpful in supporting new users making the transition.
> I forsee several paths out of the current morass. One is for me to
> start testing on CygWin before release. A related way is for me to
> start posting CygWin binaries for pure CygWin users. The final way,
> which will come along in another 6 months or so, will be the
> provision
> of a pure windows native PostgreSQL/PostGIS, when the 7.4
> PgSQL version
> is released.
> Thanks for your patience throughout this nasty release cycle.
> Paul
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