[postgis-users] About $libdir

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Fri Apr 11 09:31:05 PDT 2003

Paul Ramsey writes:
> >
> While, I often thing a standalone postgis with a configure script would
> be an improvement, the number of potential cases due to packagers doing
> inconsistent things with their various distributions (in  the FreeBSD
> case it appears that the binary package had a different configuration
> from the source package, same with the Cygwin case) might defeat any
> attempt at automatically finding all the information needed for a compile.

AFAICT installing from within the PostgreSQL source distribution is needed
as PostGIS uses some of the internal PSQL headers.

AFAICT the $libdir problem is self inflicted in that because we use
    include $(top_srcdir)/src/Makefile.shlib
instead of
    include $(top_srcdir)/contrib/contrib-global.mk
the 'normal' install location for the $SO_LIB is not available

note It is not trivial to use 'contrib-global.mk' in that we are
building both a $SO_LIB and EXEs but it is probably worth
looking into using the 'contrib-global.mk' functionality if ....
someone has the time and the inclination



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