[postgis-users] mapserver postgis query error (explain verbose)

Leah Roderman elrod at oaktownunderground.com
Mon Apr 14 13:38:36 PDT 2003

I'm just checking to see if there's a fix for the Mapserver query of a PostGIS layer that produces the "explain verbose" error included below. I see PostGIS 0.7.5 was released last week -- there was some discussion around this error earlier this month, but not sure whether this problem got addressed in the new release.

My alternative solution was going to be pgsql2shp, so I'd also be interested in anyone's success or frustrations with similar attempts.

thanks much, as always!

Content-type: text/html msPOSTGISLayerGetShape(): Query error. Error executing POSTGIS SQL statement (in FETCH ALL): EXPLAIN VERBOSE SELECT * FROM plant_coords - Error with POSTGIS data variable. You specified ''.
Standard ways of specifiying are : 
(1) 'geometry_column from geometry_table' 
(2) 'geometry_column from (<sub query>) as foo using unique <column name> using SRID=<srid#>' 

Make sure you put in the 'using unique <column name>' and 'using SRID=#' clauses in. 

For more help, please see http://postgis.refractions.net/documentation.php 

Mappostgis.c - version of Nov 15/2002. 

My config: Mapserver 3.6.4, PostGIS 0.7.4, PostgreSQL 7.3.2, Apache 2.0.44 (virtual domain), Linux RH8.0

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