[postgis-users] error with postgis.sql on postgis 0.7.5 and postgres 7.3.2

Paul Hasenohr paul.hasenohr at jrc.it
Thu Apr 17 10:31:46 PDT 2003

I just installed postgres 7.3.2 (seems to work fine) and I tried to install
postgis 0.7.5.
I compiled without any problem but when I typed (according to the user
manual) psql -d lpis -f postgis.sql, I got a lot of errors like this one :
psql:postgis.sql:1223: ERROR: current transaction is aborted, queries
ignored until end of transaction block
I am running redhat 7.2.
I read in the archive that this error message occured with other
I also tried with the CVS snapshot and i got the same result.
What could I do ? Any help appreciated !!!
Paul Hasenohr
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