[postgis-users] compilation problem with postgresql7.4 + post gis 0.8

Darren Houston darren.houston at edu.sait.ca
Thu Dec 4 03:28:41 PST 2003

Hello Laurent.

No, you don't need to install those projects before PostGIS. I would suggest
that you install GEOS, which implements spatial predicate functions and
spatial operators (plus more), but it requires a PostgreSQL compiled with
the lstdc++ flag;

LDFLAGS=-lstdc++ ./configure ... 

You can find GEOS at http://geos.refractions.net and Proj4 at

I would also suggest installing Proj4. If you don't want those projects
installed edit the PostGIS makefile and set USE_PROJ=0 and USE_GEOS=0.
If you want those projects installed, edit the Makefile and set PROJ_DIR and
GEOS_DIR to the top-level directory where the projects are installed. After
installation of everything, you will have to run ldconfig to link all the
libraries. Then you will need to manually edit postgis.sql in your
PostgreSQL install directory and change 'libdir' to the path of the postgis
library (which also resides in your PostgreSQL install directory).

Any more problems, don't hesitate to ask.

Darren H.
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